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We have what it takes to see our next generation breath fresh air

A passionate young climate activist largely involved in renewable energy advocacy in rural Kenya, William Wanjohi is the founder of Green Rural Society, a community based organization in Murang’a County whose main objective is to create environmental awareness and tree planting. William is also a committee member of AU ECOSSOC (spearheading climate action for peace) and a member of Dada Power initiative where he leads the team in environmental conservation activities.

“As an environmental campaigner in current times, I encourage young people to take it upon themselves to build practical solutions that could save the planet, or at least, mitigate its impacts. The fact remains that am part of a generation that will have to deal with the future impacts of climate change in a harsh way if we don’t step up and initiate change for climate justice. Being young means the old age will depend on how we will handle our current situation hence it is of great importance for young people to take part in climate change mobilization and discussions so as to bridge the gap that exists between then and now on matters climate change. Climate change has resulted in delayed rains, rising of both maximum and minimum temperatures, drying up of rivers, leading to an increase in hunger and water crises, diseases through rising air temperatures and heat waves. Climate Change also affects species by altering their physical environment.

While there is plenty to be worried about, it’s important to remember that we have all it takes to initiate change, to act and to be ambassadors of Climate action. Back last year, I founded a tree project, whose main objective is to keep our land green and increase forest cover, and in turn reduce effects of climate change. Through the program, we donate trees to both junior and senior schools and tertiary institutions in Murang’a County and beyond.

My key message to the world leaders at the global climate Action Summit in New York this year is that, every country can be like Iceland or Costa Rica whose 98% if not 100% of their energy comes from renewable sources. We have the capacity to reach where we wish to be in future, we have what it takes to see our next generation breath fresh air! We only need to implement the already existing laws and be responsible of our consumption”.

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