12 May
  • By Stella Nderitu

Lets Talk Menstruation!

What’s your experience with Menstruation? Do you easily access menstrual products? Are they affordable for you? Would you openly carry a pad or tampon to the washroom? As a man, are you comfortable with running to the stores to buy your sister, girlfriend sanitary towels? Have you ever “messed” your dress with periods?

Menstruation is a sign of good reproductive health yet, a taboo subject in many cultures, hence associated with shame and embarrassment by many women and girls. It is a normal process that women undergo as their bodies prepare for potential pregnancy.

Demystifying what menstruation means on a physiological level, and finding ways to erode social taboos will go a long way in making girls and women approach and undergo menstruation as a normal part of womanhood and reproductive health.

Join us in the month of May 2020 as we create more awareness on menstrual hygiene, management and inclusion, ahead of the Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28th May.

This message is compiled by the Menstrual Health Working team convened by the Nivalishe Pad Initiative, which Dadapower Initiative is a part of.

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